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Cancard is a card issued by Cancard Ltd to its membership which is evidence that a cardholder has a qualifying condition for which medical cannabis may be prescribed.

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Once you have checked that you are eligible for a card, please click the Apply Now button.

Card membership costs GBP 19.99/year (plus one-off admin fee of GBP 10.00)

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We all know that cases where patients have proved legitimate medicinal use are unlikely to make it to court, and if they do, these cases are consistently dropped. This is most notably true whereby a patient presents at court with a condition and is in receipt of a private prescription. There is currently no way of identifying these people before emotional distress has been caused and public resources have been wasted. This is an opportunity to create a benchmark for change. Together we can unofficially decriminalise, for those most vulnerable, as we greatly reduce the possibility of a obtaining a conviction.

Carly Barton
Carly Barton
Cancard creator