Cancard, the UK's medicinal cannabis verification scheme

Backed by the National Police Chief Council

Cancard has had great success helping police organisations in identifying patients to protect them against prosecution and discrimination. In producing a Cancard to the police in the event of a stop and search, the card holder proves that they are a medicinal cannabis user and this will generally stop any further action being taken against them.

There are 1.4 million people in the UK using cannabis medicinally

Since 2018, private clinics have been prescribing cannabis flower and cannabis oil, and under these circumstances, cannabis use is legal. Those who cannot afford a private prescription can apply for a medical ID Cancard, designed in collaboration with the National Police Chief Council.

with businesses in mind

In light of these changes, a number of businesses have approached Cancard requesting information on medicinal cannabis in the UK and for support in ensuring all of their patrons can enjoy a positive experience at their venue or using their service. In response to this, we have produced a booklet - Cancard Aware.

The Cancard Aware booklet for business provides information on Cancard and how the scheme is being utilised by police and private businesses across the UK

Medicinal cannabis is becoming more widely accepted in the UK, but we are still lagging behind many other countries. More recently, public opinion polls have indicated a growing acceptance and understanding of cannabis for medicinal use. A 2019 poll commissioned by the Conservative Drug Policy Reform Group indicated that 77% of respondents agreed that medicinal cannabis use should be permitted. Although there still exists a stigma around cannabis consumption, this is changing. Cancard has been included in a number of internal police drugs policies. Greater acceptance and understanding of these issues are creating a climate of inclusion and equality for disabled patients and, at Cancard, we recognise that businesses and organisations can be at the forefront of this.